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About Me

My name is Jessica and I am a personal trainer, living and working in Teddington. I previously held my own private studio in central London, but I no longer wanted the commute and now cover Teddington, the Hamptons, Twickenham, East Molesey and West Molesey. I think it’s important to place a high value on your own health and happiness, so, the commute had to go. I believe in working hard while fuelling my mind and body right. Do I have “Insta Abs”? No. Would I starve myself to get them? No. My overall health is always my top priority.

I’m passionate about health and fitness for life. I don’t train people for any level of extreme. I’m not the right trainer for you if you want to run a marathon or compete in a fitness competition. My sole focus is to help people achieve an all-around healthy and fit body. A body they like the look and feel of. A body that allows them to live the life they want, day in and day out. I want to live a long, active life and I want to help other people do that too.

I only have 8 clients on my books at any one time. There are too many exhausted overworked trainers out there, taking on way too much. I have found 8 is my sweet spot, to keep me at my best, so you get the best sessions. Please don’t let this put you off getting in touch, I just like my clients to know they are not just a number to me, not one of many faces on a conveyor belt. I like to build a good and honest rapport. There’s no point in not getting on with your trainer. 

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